If it grows WE CAN CUT IT!


 JC Kitchen's service, quality and pricing make it very reasonable for you to out source your produce pre-cuts by significantly reducing the cost of produce purchases. We start by eliminating the major cost of liabilities such as worker's compensation, Local and State food regulatory agencies.

The cost of operating in the food industry is becoming more and more expensive with all the handling changes required by the state to prevent cross contamination and food borne illnesses. We understand that labor efficiency is a key factor to any business' profit. Therefore, our team consist of professionals backed by 26 years of experience in the ever changing produce pre-cut industry.

We will help you make a better profit by eliminating unnecessary expenses resulting from waste overage by unskilled labor.

The product you purchase from us will be 100% useable and packaged in any weight unit you need. Most of our chef's have reported increases productivity and cost reduction from the produce stand point.

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Secure monitored facilities. Current with anti terrorism regulations.

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ASI Certified. Current with food safety requirements.

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Recall program. HACCP program. 100% Satisfaction.

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Food Safety

Procurement Sources. Cold Chain. Security.

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